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Die Design Manufacturing Progressive Dies & Die Stamping Transfer Dies & Die Design Die Tryout & Validation Offshore Die Compliance & Validation

Design & Build

True Industries offer expert turnkey solid design and manufacturing services for progressive and transfer dies.
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Progressive Dies

True Industries manufactures high quality progressive dies, specializing in applications for the automotive and aerospace industries.
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Transfer Dies

True Industries is a leading manufacturer of high quality transfer dies for the defense, automotive and aerospace industries.
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Die Tryout/Validation

Die tryout and validation enables you to test your die design using a model of the die.
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Offshore Tooling Compliance

Manufacturing dies offshore offers an economic alternative.
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Metal Stamping Dies

Working Hard To Be The Best

True Industries is a leading manufacturer of progressive dies through design and stamping for the automotive and aerospace industries. We are also a premier contract machining company for the aerospace and defense industries. We have built our reputation by designing, machining and building high quality, large accurate dies that meet the exact requirements of each job. Whether you are looking for progressive, blank or transfer dies or specialized parts for aerospace and defense we can manufacture it to your exact application.

Beginning with your application requirements, our team will work with you to design, test and manufacture your dies and machined components. Throughout the process, we will perform die simulations, die validation and tryouts. Our fully-automated, integrated production facility is staffed by ISO and Q1-certified tradesmen who use the most efficient manufacturing processes. You will know that your die and or parts will perform as expected before it is put into production. We deliver production-ready tooling to you, on time and on budget.